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makes things, fixes things, solves problems, cooks from scratch, moves a mean rugby scrum, podcasts about games and creativity, and is always looking for new technologies, tools and modes of interaction that will make the world a little bit more awesome.

Epistech:  Derived from the Greek epistemon, meaning knowledge and communication, and techne, meaning craft. The joining of craft, knowledge, and communication is what Epistech is all about.

screwdrivers and gears

I can help!In 2001, Epistech was formed to meet the technology needs of individual clients and small businesses with friendly, knowledgeable on-site consulting services. Even as Epistech took a back seat to day jobs, Tim has always been available to offer casual, personalized instruction, coaching, and services in a wide range of areas, including user skills (from basic to advanced), troubleshooting, repair, upgrades, internet setup & maintenance, and how to set the clock on electronics so they’re not always blinking 12:00.