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Spoke Rack Rapid Prototype

Spoke Rack - Rapid Prototype
Final project for Product Development class. Proof of concept shown as 1:2 sized SLA Rapid Prototype model.

Spoke Rack Rendering

Spoke Rack - Rendering
Final project for Product Development class. Modeled design in Solidworks and rendered in Photoworks.

Feed the Birds playtest prototype

Spoke Rack - Marker Sketches
Final project for Product Development class. Early sketches and digital marker renderings used to explore idea.

Feed the Birds playtest prototype

Stack Lunch - Sketchup Model
Final project for Intro to Product Design class. Modeled final design in Google SketchUp for presentation.

Ghost Pirates playtest prototype

Ghost Pirates
Selected by New York Magazine for their 2012 gift guide, and listed on the 2013 GAMES 100 list, nominated for best family game.

Feed the Birds playtest prototype

Feed the Birds
Early prototype of game. I did all of the game development, which is now complete. Game is ready for publication.


FiascoMobile Web App
FiascoMobile is a cross-platform HTML5/CSS/JQuery web application supporting the Fiasco role-playing game.


This project was HTML/CSS development of a custom MediaWiki theme for the Bully Pulpit Games website.


Originally a personal website, I have recently revamped the entire site into a studio website for my game design projects.

Dice Food Lodging

Ongoing, I develop the Wordpress-based website and write content for the Dice + Food + Lodging podcast which I host and produce.


My work on this site included all website design, HTML/CSS/JS development, and hosting management.

Brooklyn Indie Games

Brooklyn Indie Games is a small-press game publisher / retailer. I did the development and installation of PHP-based CMS as well as the Zen-Cart e-commerce software setup.

Pendragon 'zine

pendragon 'zine
I started a digital zine, for which I write, edit contributions, and do layout. I also developed the website.